crm and odoo development

CRM and ODOO Development

CRM Software solution involves customization and implementation of a software product which allows businesses to manage their full work flow through the software and help in optimizing the process. CRM Software has become a basic need for small, mid and large size businesses and industries as it helps in streamlining the process of the organization and in business growth.

We have developed our own CRM System and for scalability we provide the integration of other essential applications like email, POS (Point of Sale), marketing automation and e-commerce. CRM Software provides security of data, data management and help in fetching the relevant data from the database according to the user’s need. Reports can be generated easily and show a clear picture of the organization flow and help in optimizing the process. CRM protects an organisation from data loss and provides the feature of data migration. At Way2IT, we offer the accessibility of Odoo business management software suite. Odoo provides a wide range of business applications like, CRM, HR Management, POS (Point of sale), Inventory Management and many more. A development team can access and customize the Odoo platform according to the business need.

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